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Dear Sir or Madam,As a former licensed electrician with 30 years experience in a large company, I had intended to by and install a home stand-by generator myself. Because of my age, 75+ and other medical issues, I decided this was logistically not doable.

Reviewing the installation and owner’s manuals from three major generator manufacturers, I decided on a Generac 8kw. I then obtained estimates from various electrical installers for Generac, and ultimately settled on Chamberlin Electric Company of Hudson, NH. From the start of installation to the finish, I was very pleased.

Bill, the estimator, arrived on May 1, 2014, right on our pre-arranged time. He viewed the site took photos, and answered all questions my wife and I had to our satisfaction. My wife commented to me that Bill was pleasant and business like. I chose a Generac 8kw to cover my situation. Bill concurred with my choice. I had a firm, fixed price for the entire installation, including the pipe fitter before he left. We met at Chamberlin the next day to finalize the necessary paperwork.

Steve called on Monday, May 5th and said his crew would be starting the job on Thursday. They arrived on time and proceeded with the installation which was completed on Tuesday May 13th. The electricians, Joe and Steve the technician, Dakota, and the plumber John, were all very polite, and answered any questions I had. They were knowledgeable and performed with skill and neatness.

I am impressed with how quickly and efficiently the job progressed, i.e, coordinating with the building inspector, and the plumber.

After about two years of researching the three major generator companies, I would recommend Generac above all others, and I would recommend Chamberlin Electric Company of Hudson, NH to anyone considering a stand-by generator.