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Electrical fires are one of the scariest issues that you can experience when owning a home. Any electrician in Bedford, NH would say there are limited warning signs. There are no flames for you to see, no smoke. Usually, there is only a smell of burning after the fire has already begun inside of your […]

Spring cleaning is all about making sure that you clear out the congested air from winter. During spring you work cleaning to get the allergens out of the house. That way you are able to breathe in the fresh air. Fixing the squeaky doors and other issues that came up during the winter months is an […]

Whether we realize it or not, many things happen in the home that causes code violations. These common code violations are something that happens whether we realize it or not. Some are simple violations with no adverse effects. Others can be potentially dangerous and lead to fires or other safety hazards. When it comes to […]

Part of being an electrician is to share common power problems and safety issues and explain how to avoid them in the future. By helping you keep up to code with the NEC, we find the importance in understanding electricity and making it work. When it comes to electricity, it is all about energy and […]

As an electrician, you can see a lot of shoddy work done in homes, especially when they are older. From homeowners attempting to fix problems on their own to installations that are just plain awful, we have seen it all. Honestly, sometimes we wonder how the home hasn’t had an electrical fire with some of […]